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AP U.S. History

Economic innovations like joint stock companies emerged and capitalism began to replace feudalism. Any items you have not completed will be Apush multiple choice questions incorrect.

Many Native American people also blended animism and Catholicism into a new belief. Question 6 Questions 6—8 refer to the following engraving from the late 16th century: First Semester At this point, you can mostly rely on unofficial tests and quizzes that only deal with the topics that your class has already covered.

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AP United States History

D No discernible rules governed colonial society — the status of each colonial subject was randomly determined. B Native peoples were totally uncivilized and lived in small nomadic groups that wandered from place to place in order to survive.

D Generally, Spaniards were unconcerned because they thought Native Americans should be exploited because they were uncivilized. Click on the menu above for the best AP US History practice exams, document based questions, free response, notes, videos, and study guides. Spanish officials thought Native Americans were inferior people who should labor on plantations, in mines, and other economic endeavors in order to enrich Spain.

These factors were not present in the New World and made the Native Americans especially vulnerable to deadly diseases including smallpox. D Many Spaniards, driven by a sense of Christian piety, urged the crown to create reforms that resulted in an increased standard of living for Native Americans.

Incorporate Background Information Wisely Include outside historical references that support your arguments in the DBQ or long essay questions. B Spanish officials created a strict caste based on precise racial categories that placed native Spaniards at the top.

A Unlike Europeans, indigenous peoples had not developed vaccines. C The Europeans had advanced military technology and also brought with them diseases which ravaged native populations.

Decide whether or not you want to repeat this process based on your score on the second test. Europeans learned to smoke tobacco, drink chocolate, and consumed other foodstuffs which were found only in the New World.

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C The Spanish crown became insolvent because the reduced labor supply made it impossible for colonial possessions to become profitable. B Most Spaniards discounted his description because it was Protestant propaganda.

AP US History Practice Test: Period 1 (1491–1607)

The image highlights which of the following? Each of the sets will include stimulus material consisting of a primary or secondary source.

C Both the Europeans and Native Americans became rich and powerful by sharing the profits from economic ventures. Conclusion The practice tests in this article should serve as helpful resources for you in preparation for the AP exam and any in-class assessments.

To answer the questions you will need to use the stimulus material along with your historical knowledge.Make yourself comfortable with the style of questions that will be presented on the AP exam by using these practice questions for multiple choice, long essay, and DBQ mi-centre.comce eliminating at least two of the four answer choices for any multiple-choice question.

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Try these new multiple choice questions created by me below in the new exam format. + multiple choice and fact-recall quizzes with over + questions in total for the old test version. Still good to test your knowledge of factual information!

Looking for AP US History practice tests? We have a complete collection with tips for using them effectively in your exam prep.

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This test has just 40 questions, but the site also includes a list of frequently-asked AP US History multiple-choice questions that will prepare you better for the exam.

Learn apush multiple choice questions with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of apush multiple choice questions flashcards on Quizlet. Free AP US History practice test covering Period 1 (–) from the AP curriculum.

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Apush multiple choice questions
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