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Our thanks go to the National Museums of Scotland who have allowed us to use photographs taken from the Silver, Made in Scotland exhibition inand from their archives. Birmingham The anchor of Birmingham is very common on English silver, but not so common on spoons, with the exception of small spoons such as caddy spoons.

Click this link for Other English Provincial items. It is formed of initials of that person or company inside a shield shape. Register for your punch here. The first assay office was closed down at the enforced introduction of Britannia as the minimum standard inonly to be re-opened by Act of Parliament in In the thistle mark was added to signify the standard of the silver.

The town mark a castle with three turrets looks very similar to that of Edinburgh, but can be differentiated by the existence of the lion passant. Chester The city arms mark of Chester is highly sought after, being rare on pre silver. The Glasgow assay office finally closed in Since January UK hallmarks now comprise of a minimum of three compulsory symbols.

Each year has its own letter. Historical Database Developed by the The Incorporation of Goldsmiths, our Historical Database helps you to match an item with an Edinburgh hallmark to its maker. We mark a piece to the lowest standard of alloy content, so it guarantees that the quality of the article is no less than the fineness indicated.

In their Deacon is named as Patrick Forester, he was a member of the town council. Other English Provincial This title covers all the towns an cities which have had some form of marking system on silver before the Act of which set up the provincial assay offices in Chester, Exeter, Newcastle and York.

Many Scottish silversmiths travelled from town to town looking for work so you may find the same mark at different towns. The assay office closed down in due to lack of demand and competition from Sheffield. You can then be assured your collection of Scottish silver will sell for the highest possible price.

The initials of the Assay Master were only replaced in when a thistle was used to denote sterling silver.

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Considering that Birmingham is miles away from any sea it would seem inappropriate for the anchor to be its assay office symbol. Applying a hallmark to guarantee precious metal purity can be traced back in Edinburgh to the mid-fifteenth century when the first surviving Act of Parliament was passed on the subject.

The Full Traditional Mark: During Parliamentary recess the collection travels the world providing a view of the extraordinary range of talent of Scottish silver artisans.

Palladium had had a voluntary legally recognised UK hallmark since July Edinburgh Hallmarks There is evidence of hallmarking activity in Edinburgh since when a statute required that all goldsmith's work be marked with his own mark, the deacon's mark and the town mark, the Deacon of Goldsmiths being responsible for the assay.

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It has been the Town Mark for the Edinburgh Assay Office and been required by Parliament since And finally, although no longer compulsory, a date.

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Jewellery and precious metal hallmarks. Edinburgh was the only Scottish city in which the goldsmiths had their own trade Incorporation. It contains over eight thousand biographies as well as numerous illustrations of makers' marks, covering the period from.

Edinburgh Assay Office

British English Edinburgh Silver Marks ~ resources for research of UK English Silver marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks. Edinburgh Silver Assay Office ChineseArgent: All Silver: Art, Antiques, Hallmark & Articles Chinese Export Silver. Edinburgh Assay Office has been testing precious metals and hallmarking them since when The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh was established.

The town mark of Edinburgh is a three towered castle. Edinburgh marks, prior toare interesting as they have an additional Assay Masters Mark (or Deacon’s mark) that should not be confused with the maker’s mark, but in the absence of a date letter can help to date a piece.

Edinburgh assay office makers marks
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