Environment in south and southeast asia

As the southwestward-flowing air passes over the warmer sea, it gradually warms and gathers moisture. In more bad news, a pregnant whale shark was caught off the Phuket coast and died soon after, but at least the authorities seem intent on a heavy fine for the transgression.

As much of this water is used in the growth of crops, this raises food security issues as well src. These three rivers are somewhat atypical: When we cut the engine we could hear pileated gibbons hooting in the hills.

I have had the great pleasure of spending a good amount of time in the jungles of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and I know that the wildlife that has evolved alongside humans throughout the ages deserves to have a future the same way that humans deserve a future.

Is something similar happening in Southeast Asia today? On a more positive note, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered that a residential complex in the forested Doi Suthep mountain be scrapped and returned to its natural state, much to the delight of activists. The land has been subjected to a considerable amount of faultingfolding, uplifting, and volcanic activity over geologic timeand much of the region is mountainous.

Temperatures Regional temperatures at or near sea level remain fairly constant throughout the year, although monthly averages tend to vary more with increasing latitude. The Malayan tapira relative of the rhinoceros, is native to the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra, while the tarsier is found in the Philippines and parts of Indonesia.

Deciduous forests are found in eastern Indonesia and those parts of the mainland where annual rainfall does not exceed 80 inches.

A new road is slated to be bulldozed straight through middle of this forest in Virachey National Park, Cambodia. At one time, sea levels were considerably lower than now, and land bridges existed on the Sunda Shelf that connected the islands and allowed plants and animals to migrate throughout the region.

The Philippines are particularly affected by these storms. Where the shelf meets and Environment in south and southeast asia the oceanic crust to the south, the vast volcanic arc of the Greater and Lesser Sunda islands have been formed. Deforestation in Riau province, Indonesia.

Some part of Mainland ChinaHong KongMacauand Taiwan a disputed region or nationare also considered as part of the Southeast Asia by some authors. Although the mainland as a whole is similar in a structural sense, its various geologic components and the time periods of their orogenic mountain-building episodes differ.

A third factor is actually dive tourism.

6 environmental challenges facing Southeast Asia (and what you can do to help)

It consists of a series of elongated blocks rather than one continuous ridge. Some countries receive more coverage than others in this report, and Brunei is not covered due to the limited amount of international environmental coverage on the small Bornean country.

Southeast Asia

In many ways these ranges resemble ribs in a fan, where the interstices are deep trenches carved by the rivers. In general, Australia is inhabited largely by marsupials pouched mammals and monotremes egg-laying mammalswhile Southeast Asia contains placental mammals and such hybrid species as the bandicoot of eastern Indonesia.

The rainfall pattern is distinctly affected by two prevailing air currents: In addition, the tropical rain forests in many parts of the region, with their great diversity of vegetation, have made possible the development of complex communities of animals that fill specialized ecological niches.

Often the profusion of plant life is more related to heat and moisture than to soil quality, even though these climatic conditions intensify both chemical weathering and the rate of bacterial action that usually improve soil fertility. The region itself constitutes the eastern half of what is called the Orientalor Indian, zoogeographic region part of the much larger realm of Megagaea.

Meanwhile, a proposed Chinese-backed dam on the Mekong River at Sambor in Kratie province is predicted to be the death of the lower Mekong Riverwhile down in the southwest corner of the country park rangers found and dismantledsnares in a single protected area: These differences are especially striking between the species of the eastern and western fringes as well as between those of the archipelagic south and the mainland north.

The extreme southeastern islands of Southeast Asia—the eastern Moluccas Maluku and the island of New Guinea —lie on the Sahul Shelfa northwestern extension of Australiaand structurally are not part of Asia.

And to think that the Mekong is second only to the Amazon River in terms of biodiversity; within a generation it will be silly to even compare them. Its drainage basin is highly restricted with few tributaries, and its delta area is small.

A number of rare endemic species are found in Indonesia and East insular Malaysia, including the Sumatran and Javan rhinocerosthe orangutanthe anoa a dwarf buffalothe babirusa a wild swineand the palm civet.

Massive fish deaths were recently recorded along the southern Vietnamese coast, waves of trash lap up against the beaches of central Vietnam, and passenger coaches entering Vietnam from Cambodia were found loaded with illegally fetched timber.

A brain coral showing signs of bleaching. Climate All of Southeast Asia falls within the warm, humid tropics, and its climate generally can be characterized as monsoonal i.

The hot, humid climate and enormous variety of habitats have given rise to an abundance and diversity of vegetative forms unlike that in any other area of the world. How are forests, oceans, mangroves, and wildlife faring in the region so far in ?

B- Indonesia Indonesia is an incredibly vast archipelago consisting of thousands of islands and as such the scope of such a far-spanning nation is beyond the scope of sub-section of an article, so this piece will focus on Sumatra and Java, and to a lesser extent Kalimantan Borneo and Bali, and a couple of points beyond.

The area of the lake varies greatly with the precipitation cycle of the region. Overall score for Myanmar: Here are some of the problems, and some things you personally can do to help.

Indonesia, for example, has created an extensive system of national parks and preserves for this purpose.

They provide a protected sanctuary for animals, and an area that is more or less safe from habitat destruction.The problem: Air pollution is a global problem, but Southeast Asia does have among the worst air pollution in the world, only behind East Asia and India src.

The region is prone to relatively frequent “hazes,” which are the result of widespread fires.

The War on Southeast Asia’s Natural Environment

Southeast Asia is composed of peninsular Southeast Asia and the islands and peninsulas to the southeast of the Asian continent. The mainland consists of the western mountain area and the central and eastern mountains and plains.

The War on Southeast Asia’s Natural Environment Southeast Asia’s infrastructure boom threatens to destroy the few remaining wilderness sanctuaries in the region. By Gregory McCann for The Diplomat. ENVIRONMENT: SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST ASIA. STUDY.

PLAY. degradation. the wearing-down or destruction of natural resources. displacement. the forced removal of plants or animals from their natural environment. habitat. the surroundings or environment of humans and animals.

proximity. Meeting Objectives. Several countries in South and Southeast Asia are undergoing rapid changes due to urbanization and industrial development. The population growth together with rapid economic development is causing immense pressure to convert land from forest to agriculture and from agricultural areas to residential and urban uses with significant.

Why do environmental issues in Southeast Asia matter? During the Cold War, traditional security perceptions determined international relations in Southeast Asia. However, the paradigms of security and regional stability have shifted substantially since the .

Environment in south and southeast asia
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