Essay on the hurricane sandy

But 3, miles from home, I encountered the kindest words and most genuine concern for me and my fellow New Yorkers. The hurricane damaged the communication system. Prevention measures Several measures may be taken as way of reducing the possibilities of the damage of such a storm in future.

Some of them were terrified because they were without power, or worse, displaced. There were people fortunate enough to have a roof over their head, but just up the street there were people that Essay on the hurricane sandy everything.

When the storm weakened it still caused problems as it turned into a low pressure system bringing torrential rains, snow, and ice to parts of New England and Canada.

To conclude, the causes of Sandy cannot be ignored. Others felt the storm was not as serious as they thought until it passed. Our neighbors upstairs made cupcakes that we all shared.

Essay: Superstorm Sandy, One Year Later

Here is a description of the damage caused by the hurricane: She had no power and no way to charge her phone, so I knew responding to her meant wasting precious battery life. Nevertheless, the high pressure area over Greenland made the hurricane not to turn into this ocean.

I never lost power. This process is called "negative North Atlantic Oscillation. I slept through most of it. This created a land where buildings were erected Super-storm New York Again, I could do nothing to help.

New York City versus the Sea. This Hurricane leveraged extra spin which grew its size further.

Hurricane Sandy

The winds of the storm cause this surge while driving water towards the shoreline. As such, in the emerging new normal extraordinary weather conditions might become a common place. According to the prediction of climate models, such events might start occurring once in every years and eventually once per every years.

The hurricane destroyed a subway system in New York, more so the substation at South Ferry. Our guides and manuals. Here, it had an interaction with a trough of low pressure.

With increasing land pressure, wetlands of the city became prime real estate that were encroached by the people. The storm left some houses structurally unsound forcing owners to demolish them. It is possible for a hurricane to increase in size when it forms within an area where the atmospheric pressure is high.

A couple of downed trees and wayward garbage cans was the worst damage we endured.

Horrendous Hurricane Sandy

Climate change has started to deteriorate the northern ice-caps severely. The average wind speed in New Jersey usually falls somewhere between 8 to 11 mph, so one can really imagine how the wind speed of 90 mph can really wreck neighborhoods.

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The wind blew windows out and ripped trees out from their roots. What you can read next. Nevertheless, because of the storm-force winds from the tropics, this storm was able to cover a larger area which compensated for the lost energy. The morning after the storm passed, I went out for coffee and the neighborhood carried on as if nothing had happened.

And as the plane took off, I looked down at the flooded city, riddled with guilt that I was leaving people and a city in need. It affected millions of people and caused massive destruction including downed trees and power lines, homes and businesses lost, and over people lost their lives.

This made the storm hit the human settlements instantly which led to an extensive damage. Expository essay writing help Horrendous Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy is one of the costliest natural disasters of the century.

Superstorm Sandy damage assessment: This has an impact on weather patterns globally in different ways.Hurricane Sandy This Essay Hurricane Sandy and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: ohnoitskira • November 19, • Essay • Words (2 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

Hurricane Sandy Case Study Problem Statement Hurricane Sandy was a rare hybrid storm that spread over 1, miles in circumference and affected 24 states along the East Coast of the United States and inland across the Appalachian Mountains into Wisconsin and Michigan.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath – Essay Sample Hurricane Sandy is a powerful tropical cyclone that has formed in the end of October and has affected Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, and the east coast of the US and Canada.

Sample Essay on Hurricane Sandy

Essay about Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina - According to the “The handy weather answer book” by Kevin Hile a hurricane is defined as a tropical storm formed in the Atlantic Basin. Winds reach speeds of 74 miles per hour or more. HURRICANE SANDY Hurricane Sandy was a tropical cyclone that devastated portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October The eighteenth named storm and tenth hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season, Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, as measured by diameter, with winds spanning.

Hurricane Sandy grew to form the ‘super-storm’ because several factors were combined in its formation. This hurricane was an event that occurs once per years. Nevertheless, with the changes in the conditions of the global weather that are causing global warming, events similar to hurricane Sandy can become a common phenomenon.

Essay on the hurricane sandy
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