Has corruption become a way of life in india

It is necessary to stop corruption at this point. System of government is totally disturbed in such a way that it has become incurable at this stage.

Well, there is no such history behind it. Not only Punjab, it is prevalent in all the states. However the anti corruption acts is also connected to the confidential organization and personal zone.

This is possible only if we give stringent punishment to the corrupt, no matter whom. This gives a feeling of shame to the entire Army which gets a bad name because of these few corrupted officers.

The malady spread through the length and breadth of the country, and the world. The National Rural Health Mission programme has been clouded by a large-scale corruption scandal in which high-level government appointed officials were arrested, several of whom died under mysterious circumstances including one in prison.

India is leading all other countries in this race. India needs honest people to progress and thus only honest citizens can achieve this dream of country. What is actual definition of corruption? When every organ of the system, every individual in the system is corrupt to the hilt, who is there to set things right.

India is facing corrupt officers working at different positions. This man has truly devoted his life for the well of nation. As the virus of corruption was allowed to take its toll, it spread and continued to spread through the passage of decades. It is not that people did not know about the virus entering the system but, it was ignored and so the result is here for all of us to see.

This law is quite effective against corruption.

Corruption seems to have become a part of our daily lives: Santosh Hegde

There are even more laws created to prevent corruption in this country but still many people are unaware of the process to follow when filing a case of corruption against someone. With this twin treatment, maybe we see a reduction of the menace after some time.

It is not a battle that you alone can fight. Controlled democracy idea can help the best. The elected candidate should be well educated and should be full of manners. Every time a person agrees to a political engagement or prevails in a local or state election, he or she has to receive a pledge to sustain the civic faith.

People are requested to select political leader appropriately. Now, since this did not happen, the malady spread with the passage of time and took the present shape.

The answer to this question is quite simple. For instance, 2G and Coalgate scam touched a massive figure of Rs 1. There are few public leaders who are fighting against corruption these days. Huge amount of black money is found in India.

Only political people are not involved in corruption. The list is huge like the talk on corruption.Dec 08,  · Holding that corruption has become a "way of life", senior Supreme Court judge Altamas Kabir has said "sensitivity" and values in.

Corruption in India is a problem that has serious implications for protecting the rule of law and ensuring access to justice. As of December [update], of India's parliament members were accused of various crimes, under India's First Information Report procedure wherein anyone can allege another to have committed a crime.

As the Upper House took up the debate on the Lokpal Bill, Jaitley says, people are not ready to accept the present status quo and Corruption in many areas has become a way of life.

Corruption runs in the blood of Indians it has been un officially recognized as a way of life and inseparable part of Government working. The police, the politicians and the public servants are most corrupt.

India therefore can not become corrupt free in next years. Corruption in India has a terrible impact on the economy and causes huge social instability & riots.

And corruption has already become a major obstacle to investment in India.

Corruption has become way of life, says Jaitley in Rajya Sabha

The politics of corruption in India One way to deal with that has been to improve cooperation between the CVC and government departments to take action. Oct 17,  · Politics Corruption Has Become Way Of Life In India, Says Punjab CM. Discussion in 'Breaking News' started by Archived_Member16, Oct 14,

Has corruption become a way of life in india
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