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HEC has been a nurturing environment that provided rigorous training, and at the same time ensured me the freedom to develop my own original ideas. Such a constructive environment and its diversity help me conduct my research projects and also those in collaboration with faculty.

But, the magnitude of the suffering of Pakistani people has multiplied manifold while you were working for HEC. And that really helped me land my dream job!

Higher Education Commission (Pakistan)

The attendance criteria of 70 - 75 percent is not strictly applied in Under Graduate Research Classes. In his article entitled "Ata ur Rehman school of Thought" he has strongly supported the reforms brought about by the dynamic and focused policies of the Higher Education Commission under the leadership of Atta-ur-Rahman.

HEC also enabled me to connect with the global academic community by funding my participation in the top conferences in my field and an academic visit to Cornell University. Faculty members are at the forefront of research in their field, and always willing to generously share their time with PhD students.

Moreover, HEC provides students with plenty of research resources and opportunities to present their projects at top-level conferences and join job market events.

Every student in every public sector university today has access to 45, textbooks research monographs from international publishers as well as to 25, international research journals - regarded as one of the best digital libraries anywhere in Hec pakistan phd thesis education world.

All of this contributed mightily to my job market outcome that saw me receive offers from several world-class institutions. Political overview[ edit ] In spite of its achievements, the HEC was criticised by Pervez Hoodbhoya nuclear physicist and a professor at the Quaid-e-Azam Universitywho maintained that "HEC have made higher education more expensive.

Attendances Regarding Under Graduate Research Program[ edit ] At the end of every academic year,A 3 credit hour research based activity is not envisioned. According to Mr Naqvi, There is no destination in this journey.

Many expatriate Pakistanis returned from abroad with access to competitive salaries. Quality had increased significantly, and several institutions were on their way to becoming world-class institutions.

Good to know Pakistanis are beating them at least in theoretical thinking. Applied research is totally ignored in Pakistan and most of the papers are meant for impact factor if I am not wrong.

It is with great enthusiasm but also a bit of nostalgia that I leave HEC and begin a new chapter of my academic career as an assistant professor at Bocconi University. It offers the training needed to enter the demanding world of academia. How many of such students are coming back to serve or contribute?

All of those are crucial for a PhD student to succeed. Hayward has also praised the reform process undertaken by Pakistan, admitting that "sincea number of extraordinary changes have taken place. Massive anti- PPP demonstration broke out in all over the country over this issue in and student unions gathered in the federal government installations to oppose the merger.

Besides the Pakistan government funding, a large financial endowment is distributed by the US government as part of its funding to the universities. Furthermore, faculty members are also willing to help and to work with students.Specialized in education and research in management, HEC Paris offers a complete and unique range of educational programs for the leaders of tomorrow: Masters Programs, MBA, PhD, Executive MBA and executive education programs for executives.

Access all the Phd theses from Pakistan. Government of Pakistan provides many services for its public which are easily accessible electronically. Free access to PhD thesis in Pakistan Higher Education Commission: E-Services (1) Interior Ministry of Pakistan.

To Facilitate Institutions of Higher Learning to serve as an Engine of Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan. The full texts of more than theses are available online on the HEC website (mi-centre.com) where users have the option to retrieve information by subject, title, name of researcher, year and name of the university.

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Research is to see what everybody has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. EXPANSION OF BUILT UP AREA AND ITS IMPACT ON URBAN AGRICULTURE: A CASE STUDY OF PESHAWAR-PAKISTAN See. Customized by Higher Education Commission Library. Higher Education Commission, Pakistan inviting Indigenous Ph.D Scholarships to encourage their education and to provide financial support to the.

Hec pakistan phd thesis education
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