Hindu muslim population in murshidabad district

Even though the complaint has been filed against the headmaster, the cops have not arrested the accused, Afiqul Alam, for an unknown reason! Chanchal and Malda Sadar.

In total, 3, people were literate of which males and females were 1, and 1, respectively. Under this arrangement, the Bengal province was carved in two: Traditionally the Muslim community was also known to produce these Baluchars with figured patterns depicting court scenes, horse with a rider, women smoking hookah.

Floods are common during Monsoon, causing loss of life, destruction of property, and loss of crops. The District is the largest manufacturer of Bidi and many women from the district are involved in manufacturing Bidi.

Most of the land is arable, and used as agricultural land. There is another line that branches out from this line at Azimgunj and connects the Sahebgunj loop at Nalhati Birbhum. The Saudi-funded terrorist group Jamaat-ul-Mujahadeen, also linked to MP Hassan Imran, has a major base in West Bengal, including bomb-manufacturing units, and has used Wahhabi money to build mosques throughout the state.

India became independent on 15 Augustafter being bifurcated into two nations, viz. In rural areas of Murshidabad district, sex ratio is females per males. The BJP may cry itself hoarse raising the Bangladeshi immigrant bogey but had it been true, this would have been the picture in Nadia and North Parganas, too.

Then it became part of India on the basis of the final award of the Radcliffe Commission. Even though a major river runs through the district Bhagirathiwater transport is not very common, even though small boats ferry people across rivers where no bridge is available.

The fact is, last census for Murshidabad district was done only in and next such census would only be in Like other areas of Bengal Murshidabad also made its contribution to the freedom struggle of India.

Beyond Assam, and all along its borders, lie the other northeastern States, many of which have an overwhelming Christian majority.

The city still bears memories of Nawabs with other palaces, mosques, tombs, and gardens, and retains such industries as carving in ivory, gold and silver embroidery, and silk-weaving.

In several pockets within this belt, Muslims now have an overwhelming majority. Kidnapped Hindu girls who manage to escape report that they were taken to Muslim families in which relatives and friends were invited to rape them over several days while Muslim women facilitated the encounters.

Overloaded trucks on the road are also a common sight, and they are a major reason roads are in bad condition. The Murshidabad palace, dating fromis a magnificent building in Italian style.

Like I have said before, the appeasement by the CPM and the Trinamool regime had led to unchecked illegal infiltration to Bengal by Bangladeshis.

In actual numberpeople are literate in urban region of which males and females areandrespectively.

Murshidabad district

Independent sites, Indiafacts and Hindu Samhatireported the incident with numerous photographs. The attack was so violent that one of the students, Shovan Mandal, has yet to recover and be released from the Murshidabad Medical College to which he was admitted after the incident for better treatment.

Inunder Lord Cornwallis, the entire revenue and judicial staffs were fixed at Calcutta. The central part of this belt comprises a large number of contiguous sub-districts, labelled in white, where Muslims form a majority of the population; in most of these, the share of Muslims is considerably above 50 percent.

He founded and edited a radical weekly magazine, Kalam, which he later turned into a daily newspaper, Dainik Kalam, and sold to the Saradha Group, a financial conglomerate with ties to West Bengal government officials.

The paper contained 6 pages and the price is one anna in Meanwhile, the needs of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh are ignored, even as they continue being victimized in West Bengal. Brajabhushan Gupta was its first President. Majority in all districts except Murshidabad and Maldah districts.

Police mostly watched as bombs were hurled at Hindus indiscriminately. Ivory and Silk[ edit ] The Ivory and Wood craft industry dates back to the time when the Nawabs of Bengal had their court at Murshidabad.

During Jitu became the leader of the santhals by converting them into Hinduism. She approved and validated the academic degrees of 10, previously unrecognized Saudi-funded and controlled madrasas Islamic colleges four minarets Muslim towershonorariums for imams and an exclusively Islamic township.

They form a majority of the population here; their share in is 52 percent. Inshe published a novel, Lajja Shame about a Hindu family persecuted by Muslims. Banerjee called for the establishment of Muslim medical, technical and nursing schools with special subsidies for Muslim students, as well as Muslim-only hospitals.

Bhagabangola, Raninagar, Murshidabad, Hariharpara, Domkal and Jalanagi will be part of the Murshidabad Lok Sabha constituencywhich will also contain the Karimpur assembly constituency from the Nadia district.

Imran is a founder and self-admitted member of the radical student group, the Student Islamic Movement of India SIMIa recognized terrorist organization banned by the Indian government. This process of accretion to the Muslim share has only quickened during the last two or three decades, except in Purnia.

But they also played an important role in the resurgence of Hindu nationalism in Bengal.Population Census of Murshidabad District in is 7, Literacy rate of Murshidabad is percent.

Malda district

Sex Ratio for Murshidabad district is per male. Interestingly, Murshidabad is a Muslim-dominated district where the community constitutes % of the population.

Allegations of religious discrimination and intolerance have been quite rampant in Bengal, but the brutality of this incident has surpassed that in many instances of the kind. The Rise and Rise of Muslims in West Bengal. TOPICS: Breaking India Demographic 9 of the 15 in Maldah and 23 of the 26 in Murshidabad are Muslim majority.

None of the 8 sub-districts in Dakshin Dinajpur and only 3 of the 19 in Birbhum fall in this category. Pakur, Dumka, Godda, Jamatra and Deogarh; these 6 together formed Santhal.

Muslim population has surpassed the Hindu population in 3 districts of West Bengal — Malda (51%), Murshidabad (66%) and Uttar Dinajpur (50%). Muslim population in West Bengal has a decadal growth of 21% between – while Hindu population has decadal growth of 10%.

Aug 26,  · In three districts of Bengal, Murshidabad, Malda and North Dinajpur, the Muslim population has surpassed the Hindu population, the Census data on Population by Religious Communities released.

The Muslim Takeover of West Bengal. such as the border district of Murshidabad, which is over 63% Muslim, de facto shariah is imposed on all residents.

the Muslim population of West Bengal.

Hindu muslim population in murshidabad district
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