M1 unit 1 developing effective communication in health and social care

Her son approaches you and demands an explanation as to why the bag is missing and accuses the staff of stealing it. He begs you not to tell anyone as he insists he will pay the money back after payday.

He starts to cry and tells you that he fell down the stairs.

Unit 1 - P1 P2 M1

Understand ways to overcome barriers in a health and social care environment 4. For this task, you are going to take part in a group interaction.

What do I still need to learn? They thank the MDT and leave looking extremely confused. Witness statements and discussions can also be included.

The doctor has numerous failed attempts. What resources did I use for further learning? TASK B a After your role play, assess your own communication and interpersonal skills in relation to the interaction.

He has spoken to you explaining that he does not understand anything that the consultant says and requests your help. Mr Polanski was severely blinded in the war and He is gradually losing his hearing.

Ensure that you include positive and negative factors which influence communication.


This unit enables you to explore and develop the skills of effective interpersonal interaction and communication essential to the operation of health and social care services.

Encouraging others to talk back Reflecting back on what others have said Using appropriate questions Use of open questions Use of prompts Clarity and pace of conversation Appropriate language used Conveying feelings of warmth, empathy, interest Involving all participants Defining the boundaries of confidentiality Being prepared to listen Non verbal: One to one communication is way of one individual communicating with another, this can be presented to be interpersonal interaction and it can also be done face to face, e-mail, letters, and sign language.

Task 2 LO 2: His parents have informed the manager that he is HIV positive and asked that she keep this information confidential. He wets himself and while you are helping him to change you notice bruises and scratches on his buttocks and his groin.

This statement should cover the following: Witness statements, discussions or direct observations can also be included. Verified evidence of hours of time spent in work experience should be included within the personal development portfolio.

Peter is six years old and attends the local school where you are assisting.This is the whole unit for unit 1 communication. It is all in flip chart. Level 3 - Health & Social Care - Unit 1.

P1 - Effective Communication

5 customer reviews. Author: Created by klhayes1. activities and homework tasks covering part of the Level 1/2 BTEC Health and Social Care, Learning Aim A. This can be HSCresources (5). Key Stage 5 Curriculum Map – BTEC Diploma (QCF) Health and Social Care Unit 1 Developing effective communication in health and social care (10 credits) Unit 4 Development through the life stages (10 Credits) Unit 5 Anatomy and physiology for BTEC Diploma (QCF) Health and Social Care Key Assessments taking place: Phase 1 Work experience.

Level 3 extended diploma in health and social care - Unit 1 Developing effective communication

Unit 1 Assignment – Developing Effective Communication in Health & Social Care a) Your presentation must include the following sections and information: Communication and language needs and preferences.

View Essay - unit 1 M1 from HEALTH at Cambridge. Harriet Baker M1: Assess the role of effective communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care with reference.

Resourcd File 1. Course: BTEC National Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Health and Social Care Unit Title: Unit 1 Developing communication in health and social care.

Unit 1 - Developing effective communication in Health and Social Care (10 Credits)

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M1 unit 1 developing effective communication in health and social care
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