Project rungay

Then I played around with the length of the shade by making knots in the ribbon at various lengths. The Pottery Barn version has the same linen as the actual drape, and I considered making my own ties from the leftover linen, but the idea of making six skinny ties and doing all that ironing and cutting was not appealing.

This has helped me to refine my own methods to achieve greater efficiency and clarity. Once I slid the mirror into place the top piece that looked perfect without the mirror now looked like this: The annual audit and preparation of our statutory accounts has been a smooth, friendly and effective.

Once you have the top and bottom frame nailed together I just used L brackets on the outside frame as well: I can honestly say, that they are the most helpful ladies and if I have any queries whatsoever, I know I can ring them up and my query will be dealt with efficiently.

In addition to the usual services — bookkeeping, preparation of accounts etc. This part takes awhile. The rag must have been happy with it too because this is what I saw after I opened it up!

Now you can step back and admire. Polite, responsive, professional and lateral thinking, nothing is too much trouble.

Thank god because if I have to buy another piece of wood and start over you may have been seeing this Swoon girl on the news All I can say is to take your time.

I connected three sides first and ended up testing the mirror quite a few times to make sure that everything lined up once the mirror was installed. The service has been first-class throughout and on many occasions we have recommended them and have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

Having Leigh there to hold my hand makes me feel confident in pushing my business forward.

It was very simple. The bottom piece that the mirror sat in was uneven.

I now recommend adding two inches. Thank you husband for coming down to the basement every time I needed to check and double check what I was doing. So I did exactly that and the mirror fit like a glove. Emma Andrews has supported us on one project in particular that has made a huge difference to our business and done so with total professionalism.Dec 13,  · the title was supposed to be "turn your head and cough", but that could have been really weird.

And so it began. My staircase was flat out BORING. I was planning on creating a picture gallery up the stairs to fill in the blank walls but something just didn't feel right.

Wow, have I blogged at all this summer? It feels like not, though I’ve been all over Instagram. I guess that’s “lazy woman’s blogging.”.

McCabe Ford Williams is a long established firm of Chartered Accountants, Tax Specialists and Insolvency Practitioners in Kent.

DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own No-Sew Drape Shade Curtains (like Pottery Barn!).

Project rungay
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