Social responsibilities performed by the prothom alo

Create job opportunity for educated person. In 2nd June the above mentioned items were provided. Their work force is near about It operates its business activities without any losses.

Marketing Communications Mix 2. It leads all of its activity according to Media law. Patients receive medical treatment either free or at a subsidized rate.

So it has promoted itself to penetrate the market in the national level. Continuously improving productivity and profitability. Adjust with the new environment: The study is published from the Media World, a sister concern of leading business house of Bangladesh Transcom Group.

Give emphasize on English conversation. To serve the reader the Prothom Alo maintains a brilliant reporter everywhere.

Strongly work for true news. Try to arrange the courses with more practical based. It has placed many billboards using this slogan.

Even if we have experience, knowing people never hurts.

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But where are the internships, which have the best ones and how we get one? The Prothom Alo enjoys a reputation of being intensely independent in its opinion and thoroughly accurate in its facts.

Empowering Future Generations

It was 4 pages long.Alo’r Pathshala. Alo'r Pathshala of Prothom Alo Trust has a mandate to establish and manage schools in remote areas of Bangladesh where there is no government funded education.

Social Responsibilities Performed by the Prothom-Alo

Presently there are five schools with over seven hundred students. The Daily Prothom Alo does a lot of social welfare activities. These kinds of activities help it to create and maintain a good image in the mind of its existing customers and prospective customers.

Some of the CSR activities of The Daily Prothom Alo are: * Prothom Alo Trust * Reception of meritorious students * Relief activities * Anti drug. activities are being performed by NBFIs ⁄ To compare and analyze the contribution of CSR activities of NBFIs (The Daily Prothom-Alo).

Backman () identified CSR activities as: commonly used in social responsibility research to. Corporate Social Responsibility of Commercial Bank in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study on Nationalized and Prothom-Alo).

Corporate social Responsibility is CSR are performed by private and nationalized commercial banks, but there is a different between two type’s banks CSR activities. Those are explained. The Daily Prothom Alo is enhancing its image by performing these types of social welfare activities. In this way the society and the whole nation is also getting benefited.

Businesses in our country should follow the path shown by The Daily Prothom Alo and join in the social welfare activities.

Social Responsibility What Definition Making a profit within the ambit of the law and to make decisions that will benefit not only the interest and welfare of society but also that of the organisation Origins of Social Responsibility • Entrepreneurs recognised a responsibility to employees.

Social responsibilities performed by the prothom alo
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