Swot analysis for river island

River Island has recognisable trends when they come out each season consumers will recognise the brand based on the design of the product. This makes it easier for customers to familiarize themselves with the merchandise in one store if they were unable to find their size in another store.

Section 3 Store Layout and Design River Island aims to retain their customers as well as welcome new customers is to keep them up to date with the latest fashion and trends, however there are many other elements which attract customers to a particular brand.

The river island campaign have been a major consumer demand because they have Rihanna promoting the company brand, so his has changed trends from hairstyle and clothing.

Different types and styles of garments. This will not only limit the influence they have over the market but also affect its overall profit levels. However this might not be true for all types of products because some consumers prefer to touch and feel the product for the sake of risk reduction.

Promotional Signage Seasonal promotions are reminded to customers with signs displayed along with the products. So much so that even retailers like Primark began to make similar Swot analysis for river island which can be mistaken as river Island products.

The stores can be overwhelming. The way they use their internet is a big impact on the consumers and will give out any necessary information needed about their brand new stock or seasonal changes this is known as e-tailing. The benefits of the planograms, is that it keeps stores tidy and organized as well as in tune with the other stores around the country.

I think the rest of you summed up the strengths pretty well. With taxation raising this effect can bring profits down as less is being earned and more is spent on good that have raisin due to tax going up. Therefore there are higher chances of success and sales in such areas which are highly populated with higher employment rate, so that more customers have more money in their hands to spend, which eventually reduces the risk of becoming absolute, instead increases the chances of being competitive and profitable.

This impacts river island directly as prices for raw materials might increase. As River Island provides stylish and affordable fashion clothes, they prefer to have access to customers with higher income or disposable income, in highly populated and most importantly areas with higher employment status such as London.

Pricing is one of the key reasons river island are so successful in the retailing market and having been around for many centuries starting in has given river island the power to negotiate prices for raw materials.

The effectiveness of this approach is safety and convenience, consumers prefer to shop from a safer environment i. This is their form of multi-channel marketing which are offering consumers more than one way to buy their products.

Therefore, more reliance on catalogue channels can lead to limited consumer base as this means reduced contribution towards promotion of goods and eventually sales. In recent time the winter season was colder than ever and stocks for the winter line shot off the racks quicker than ever, being in spring the designers have brought out the new collection of cloths in store yet it being still cold outside.

For an example where the denim is kept, the shoes, menswear, ladies wear and so on. Which for River Island is an issue due to finding new staff is a lengthy and costly process which is hard to go down for the retailer where they would prefer to have employees that stay for longer.

With this integrated approach they should only open on weekdays as this is when they get a lot of foot traffic in comparison to weekends, only shopping mall located shops should remain open.

Saying this, River Island have provided customers with useful signage and also prepared if the signage had failed. Kate Moss is a prescriptor who catches young people attention, and they are biggest fashion consumers. This has been the main commitment and corporate social responsibility of River Island.

This is a big problem the retailer is finding as stock is not being sold and been left on racks just too been thrown away. Topshop is such a large store, that I think their customers would love to see more "exclusive" products.

Internet Channel River Island also have international deliver, this show that they are able to access their entire consumer base from the internet.

Kate Moss addictions could affect the reputation of the brand.Oct 21,  · Hotels near Cowrie Island; The first time I went to this place was the day we conducted our SWOT Analysis on one of my major subject. It became one of my recommended place to visit here in Puerto Princesa and also to let them try Chaolong!

When you are going to Palawan Underground river, you will pass by this Vietnam Village 5/5. Nov 02,  · Many high street retailers- Wearhouse, ZARA, River Island, OASIS, Unite Benetton, Fornarina.

Overseas market need. (Serina) There are so many brands that have the same level, and is hard to compete with all of them. Its even better if there were some swot analysis examples were posted. TFS! 10 April at Cindy Dy said. Campbell River Cycling SWOT Anaylsis - Summary - December - About Campbell River, Blog, Business Blog, Community Blog, Economic Development Blog - Introduction & Background Campbell River's location at the epicenter for Vancouver Island's adventure corridor effectively positions the.


River Island - SWOT Analysis Park House Internal Weaknesses Location Opportunities To increase sales: 1. Bring more knitwear to ground floor, particularly, the festive jumpers. - Competitors are a big threat to River Island and other retailers, cheaper retailers such as boohoo and misguided sell similar fashions as River Island but at a much cheaper price as they are online retailers so can threaten River Islands sales.

River Island's Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding and Acquisitions.

River Island SWOT and PESTLE

mi-centre.com Competitive Analysis. TOP COMPETITORS. River Island operates and franchises a chain of apparel stores for men, women, girls, boys and kids. River Island was founded in

Swot analysis for river island
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