The two main causes of the vietnam war

Eisenhower undertook instead to build a nation from the spurious political entity that was South Vietnam by fabricating a government there, taking over control from the French, dispatching military advisers to train a South Vietnamese army, and unleashing the Central Intelligence Agency CIA to conduct psychological warfare against the North.

Toward that end, consider the causes of war and those of peace, presented side by side in the chart below. Imagine no left column. They used the Ho Chi Minh Trail which was a mile trail along the border with Laos with heavy jungle coverage so that detection from the air was very difficult.

Armored personnel carriers such as the M transported troops and performed reconnaissance and support functions. In addition to Soviet- or Chinese-supplied arms, Communist forces also carried weapons captured from the French and the Japanese in earlier Indochina wars or used weapons made by hand in Vietnam.

Instead, the Viet Minh were courteous and helpful.

What Are the Causes of the Vietnam War?

He and his advisers worried that too lavish a use of U. Egoism The primary moral cause of peace is egoism: In Julyit was decided to divide the country in two at the 17th parallel.

The Causes of the Vietnam War

The Viet Minh trained guerrillas to go to the south to spread the word of communism. Mines were used to guard the perimeter around campsites; they could be triggered by trip wires or exploded manually. Honesty The most fundamental psychological cause of peace is honesty: And how can we work toward a future of less war and more peace?

The Causes of the Vietnam War. They believe it because they accept the notion that knowledge can be acquired by non-sensory, non-rational means—such as faith—and because they have faith.

Visit Website Did you know? However, to support the Communist cause, the Soviet Union armed its fellow Communist state, China, who would, in turn, arm and equip the North Vietnamese who fought the Americans. Though the large-scale U. In Octoberthe French announced their intention of reclaiming the north which meant that the Viet Minh would have to fight for it.

Rather, our concern is the fundamental causes of war and peace, the causes that underlie and cause the proximate causes. The multiple starting dates for the war complicate efforts to describe the causes of U.

Other motives were involved, but desires on the part of some to maintain slavery and on the part of others to end it were the primary motives for the war. Communism for the Americans was the antithesis of what they wanted, because the Communists rejected democracyThey overlooked human rightsFavored military aggression and created closed economies.

One of the most common infantry weapons used by U. Those opposing slavery demanded an end to the practice. Evasion The most fundamental psychological cause of war is evasion: They claimed that Ho Chi Minh was the real ruler of Vietnam.The struggle between French colonial forces and native Vietnamese citizens supported by Chinese communists was one of the root causes of the Vietnam War.

United States forces entered the conflict in support of the French in order to fight communism. When the French left, the Americans fought the war.

The Causes of the Vietnam War Andrew J. Rotter M ost American wars have obvious starting points or precipitating causes: the Battles of Lexington and Concord inthe capture of Fort Sumter inthe attack on Pearl Harbor inand the North Korean invasion of South Korea in Junefor example.

The Causes of War and Those of Peace. Craig Biddle October 2, One of the main ideological causes of war is collectivism: the notion that the individual’s life belongs to some group or collective, which therefore may force him to “think” or act in accordance with the dictates of the group.

America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Causes and Effects of American Wars. STUDY. PLAY. Two main political changes rocked the world after the war: a greater number of countries began to adopt more liberal forms of government, and an angered Germany tried to cope with the punitions doled out to them by the victors, as its hostilities rose to the point where it provoked the.

The causes of the Vietnam War trace their roots back to the end of World War II.A French colony, Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia) had been occupied by the Japanese during the mi-centre.coma Vietnamese nationalist movement, the Viet Minh, was formed by Ho Chi Minh to resist the occupiers.

A communist, Ho Chi Minh waged a guerrilla war. There were two main causes of the Vietnam War. One cause had to do mainly with the Vietnamese and one cause had mainly to do with the Americans.

The two main causes of the vietnam war
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