Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

In such circumstances it is very difficult for India to become a developed nation till These terrorist groups usually destroy the in-built infracture and manpower of the country. Standard of living would rise and the present stage of hunger and poverty will become a thing of past.

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Farmers are taught and advised to use improved methods of agriculture and scientific implements. Our Government is also not lagging behind.

Until and unless any country finds permanent solutions to these problems, it is very difficult for that country to become a developed nation.

They do not want to depend upon the mercy of rain god. But the problem of unemployment, proverty, disease is not going to vanish.

Although India is not the most corrupt nation in the world but the roots of corruption in India are so deep that it is the biggest obstacle to overcome for the development of nation. In fact, today very few government schemes, which are for public welfare, complete successfully. At present the condition of agriculture is not much satisfactory.

The unequal distribution of money in the country, unemployment and lack of entrepreneurship skills particularly in the youth are the major cause of poverty.

India will present a picture of tremendous progress and prosperity. One more problem in the way of the development of nation is our politics.

The major issue, which can contribute highly in the development of nation, is our educational system. There is a great change in the agriculture formerly, it was not a profession. Another major strength for India is its man power as India is the second most populated country of the world.

Another problem in the development of nation is poverty. The common man has to visit at least two to three times for getting a single signature in a government office. I think India of AD would be much more prosperous and vibrant. The next problem in development of India is corruption.

The one and only aim of these political parties is to remain in power at any cost. If this rapid progress is maintained, the state of affairs in A.

Every border of our country is facing this ugly problem.

International rankings of India

So the farmers send their children to acquire technical training. Most of the politicians are highly corrupt and their main aim is to earn money from the government funds for their personal uses. One more thing I want to say to all the professional students is that they are having a major responsibility to make India a developed country like Engineers are called the builders of the nation.

Another major problem in the development of country is terrorism. So they are contributing greatly in the development of nation. By that time, Indians would also achieve new meaning and grace.

It is, therefore, believed that by A. Then we shall meet our domestic needs and expert food grains to some extent. This is very serious and shameful thing for our educational system. Our country is rightly called an agricultural country.

So to conclude, we can say that there are many hurdles for India to become a developed nation tillbut India also has its own strengths. In those villages youth is unemployed, they follow unhygienic activities, which leads to serious health hazards, youth is turning towards crime because of unemployment, literacy is less, and most of the families are below poverty line.

Only we must strengthen our resolve to bright them out and make India a front-ranking nation of India. Production is low as compared with other progressive countries of Europe and America. The percentage of literacy in our country is less, compared to other developed nations.In which categories does India rank among the top five countries of the world?

Ask New Question. Quora User, Why is India ranked among the saddest countries of the world? WHY is India ranked among the saddest countries of the world?

Why indeed? International rankings of India. The following are international rankings of India. Contents. Demographics Edit. List INDIA Ranking/Total Countries INDIA Ranking/Total Countries Source Notes Happiness: World Happiness Report: / United Nations: report: Happy Planet Index: 50 / India is a developing country India is regarded as the world’s biggest democracy and second most populous country.

It has posted a remarkable record of development socially, economically and politically since when. India is amongst the top-ranking countries in the field of basic research.

Indian Science is one of the most powerful segments for growth and development, especially in the emerging scenario and competitive economy. India News: A survey of 12, expats around the world has ranked India as among the 10 worst countries to live and work in.

India will be among the developed nation of world till As in the past some one had said that “India is the country of villages” or “Bharat gaonv me basta hai”. Only we must strengthen our resolve to bright them out and make India a front-ranking nation of India.

Why india is among the top ranking countries essay
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